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How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?

  • Lifehacking
  • Jan-17-2018
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How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day? At this point it’s no secret that we need to drink plenty of water every day—it improves brain functioning and energy levels, can be part of an effective weight-loss regime, and is important for maintaining overall health. But there is endle...

Custom Water Bottles (With No Minimum Order!)

  • Production
  • Jan-02-2018
  • 0

As you may know, one of the unique things about qottle is that we offer unparalleled customization service on all of our bottles. Specifically, we have an expanding range of bottle colors and a wide selection of accessories to give your bottle a personal touch. But our most exciting perso...

5 Amazing Facts About Stainless Steel

  • Production
  • Dec-05-2017
  • 0

5 Amazing Facts About Stainless Steel As you may know, all of our water bottles here at qottle are made from 100% food-grade, 18/8, double-insulated stainless steel. When choosing the material with which to make our bottles, we looked at every option from glass, to plastic; even titanium. We dec...

Nothing Says “Thank You” Like a Steel-Engraving Laser Beam

  • Lifestyle
  • Nov-18-2017
  • 0

Note: Read on for a chance to win a FREE laser engraved qottle. Looking for a unique way to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving, or for any occasion? How about igniting your special someone’s heart with 30W of laser power? Taken literally, that’s a terrible idea for many reasons....

Redefine Water Bottles In Modern Times

  • Lifestyle
  • Oct-16-2017
  • 0

The following content is a guest post by Jacob Hatch, author of the blog Hydration Anywhere. Dedicated to providing a comprehensive resource for all things related to hydration and drinking water, the blog offers a huge resource for information about everything from health and fitness to environme...


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